5 Secret To Have Healthy Pain-free Knees Revealed!

Having a healthy knees helps you stand upright without any support, run around and do your daily chores without any difficulty. But the moment you start having knee pain and your joints starts degenerating, it affects your mobility and your daily life severely. 
So what is the way out to keep your knees healthy and pain-free? A new study, presented at the 103rd Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of Radiological Society of North America in Chicago, suggests that you should focus on a combination of a good diet, weight loss and regular exercise to slow down the degeneration of knee cartilage.
In this video, we shall discuss on the foods that helps to keep your knees stronger. Continue watching.
1. Turmeric: 
Turmeric is not just a spice but it is one of the best known home remedies. The curcumin compound contained in turmeric is known for its rich anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in preventing knee pain. You could add turmeric to your regular food or have it as supplements by adding a teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of warm milk.
2. Ginger: 
Ginger is known for its rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Adding ginger in your diet helps in getting rid of knee pain. Drinking ginger tea, about 2-3 cups on a regular basis or even applying ginger oil on the affected area helps in getting rid of knee pain. However, one should not overuse ginger as this could have certain side-effects too.
3. Fenugreek Seeds: 
Take about two tablespoon of fenugreek seeds, soak it overnight. Strain the water and drink it in the morning. This helps in providing warmth to the knee joints and heal the pain quickly. You could also make a paste of fenugreek seeds and apply it on the affected area.
4. Sesame Seeds: 
Sesame seeds are rich in essential minerals like copper. It also contains an important compound called sesamol which is widely known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Hence, consuming sesame seeds on a regular basis or massaging the knees with sesame oil helps in getting rid of knee pain and arthritis.
5. Onions: 
Onions are known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The photochemical contained in onion helps to stimulate the body’s immunity and helps to fight against any kind of inflammation. In addition to this, onions also contain sulfur compounds that helps to reduce any kind of pain.

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