7 Top Home Remedies For Diabetic Foot Pain


Foot pain is usually caused due to different reasons. But if you’re one of those suffering from diabetes, then the kind of foot pain that occurs can be excruciating. Foot pain can also lead to other problems like ingrown nails, dry skin, fungal infection, calluses, corns, bunions, etc.
Diabetic foot pain is one of the main complications that arises as a side effect. This is because high blood pressure level can affect the never fibres throughout the body. This condition is usually a consequence of never damage that is caused by diabetes. This is a chronic condition that occurs when the body doesn’t use insulin properly.
Not everyone with diabetes symptoms are likely to develop foot pain. About 60% until 70% in them can be under the risk of developing foot pain. There are several different ways to get rid of this pain and the best way to treat the same are home remedies, as one need not fear of facing any side effects due to these.
So, watch further to know more about the best home remedies for treating diabetic foot pain.

1. Peppermint Oil: 

This oil contains menthone that is known to be a great cure for the excruciating pain in the foot. Hence, peppermint oil is known to be the best natural remedy for treating diabetic foot pain.
Boil one bowl of water in medium flame and add peppermint oil to it. Add rosemary oil and eucalyptus oil to it as well. Stir well, soak your foot in this solution for 10 minutes. Repeat this process every day to reduce the chronic foot pain.

2. Ice: 

Rubbing an ice cube on the affected foot can give a cooling effect to the nerve of the painful area. This helps in decreasing the swelling caused by foot pain.
Crush 5-6 ice cubes and warp it with a plastic bag and massage the affected foot with this bag. Massage in a circular motion and repeat this once a day to lessen the pain in the foot.

3. Essential Oil: 

Essential oil help in reducing the tiredness, aching of the feet and soreness, as they act as a stimulant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic as well as antispasmodic agents. This is one of the best home remedies to use for treating diabetic foot pain.

4. Cinnamon Tea: 

Cinnamon tea is one of the simplest home remedies that can be used to treat diabetic foot pain. Take one glass of water in a container and add 1 gram of cinnamon powder to it. Stir it and boil for 15 minutes.
Consume this three times in a day to decrease the pain in the foot. It is also proven in the study ‘Smart Dressings Based on Nanostructured Fibers Containing Natural Origin Antimicrobial, Anti-Inflammatory, and Regenerative Compounds’.

5. Beans: 

Spill a few beans on the floor and scatter them around for a distance around your room. Try to walk on them and leave them to roll under your foot. Finally, attempt to pick up the beans with the little toes of your feet. This is known to be helpful to reduce the pain.

6. Sesame Oil Massage: 

Sesame oil can be used as great remedy to treat the foot pain problem. It helps in easing the discomfort and also stimulates blood flow. Applying sesame oil to the feet aids in reducing the pain and inflammation.

7. Cold And Hot Water Treatment: 

This is an effective remedy to treat foot pain associated with diabetes. Hot water helps boost the blood flow and cold water helps reduce the inflammation.
Firstly, dip your feet in hot water for about 3 minutes. Later, place your feet in cold water that is filled in another bucket for 2 minutes. Repeat this process for twice and thrice to find a good relief.

8. Epsom Salt: 

Epsom salt contains magnesium sulphate that helps relax the foot pain by providing a soothing effect. Magnesium and sulphate are easily absorbed by the skin and work directly in decreasing the inflammation. Epsom salt also helps with nerve functioning and prevents the hardening of muscles.
This is also confirmed in the study ‘Clinical Examination For The Detection Of Protective Sensation In The Feet Of Diabetic Patients’.

9. Clove Oil: 

Clove oil not only helps in treating foot pain but also helps in increasing circulation, heals nail fungus and joint pain. Massage clove oil on to the painful feet and repeat this several times in a day to get best results.

10. Cayenne Pepper: 

Cayenne pepper is a rich source of capsaicin that helps in reducing the aching of feet, back pain, muscle strain, arthritis as well as muscle pain.
Take ½ a spoon of cayenne pepper and add it to ½ a bucket of hot water. Soak your feet in this solution.

11. Sage: 

This is a natural herb that helps in reducing the soreness, sprain and strain in the feet.
Add some sage leaves to apple cider vinegar, boil it and allow it to simmer for five minutes. Use a cotton cloth, soak in the mixture and apply it on the affected area. It is one of the top known natural remedies for treating diabetic foot pain.

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