15 Warning Signs Showing That Your Blood Sugar Is Very High – Signs of High Blood Sugar

15 Warning Signs Showing That Your Blood Sugar Is Very High – Signs of High Blood Sugar !

High blood sugar- Signs, Prevention and all about Low GI foods.

There is a strong relationship which exist between the high blood sugar and diabetes. This is a serious condition and it should be diagnosed on time. If you ever notice the signs of high blood sugar in your body, then you need to treat them up so that any further damage can be avoided.

Let us have a look at the important signs in the case of high blood sugar:

Signs and symptoms of high blood sugar:

1.    Individuals will get a blurred vision.
2.    There can be a frequent amount of urination.
3.    Getting a dry mouth.
4.    The individual might become impotent.
5.    You might not concentrate properly.
6.    There shall come various stomach issues.
7.    The individuals can have infections.
8.    You will notice the slow and gradual healing of wounds.
9.    Tiredness.
10.    Exhaustion.
11.    Extreme thirst.
12.    You will get an itchy skin.
13.    The presence of a dry skin.
14.    There will be an increase in your weight.
15.    You can have nerve issues.

Prevention for high blood sugar :

You can prevent and avoid these high blood sugar issues if you are going to consume glycemic foods. On a daily basis, try to have low GI foods. In the category of low GI foods, we have eggs, broccoli, walnuts, turkey sausage. Just take these foods in the correct and right amounts and control your high blood sugar easily.

Stop Eating These High sugar foods :

The minute you are going to recognize the signs and symptoms, then you have to focus on your diet on a proactive basis. Stay away from having high sugar foods and start taking low sugar foods on a daily basis.  The self-explanatory advice and suggestion are to put a full stop while taking processed sweets as well as fizzy drinks.

White Bread:

Do you know that just one slice of bread has a GI score of 70, it is true! If you will continue to start consuming white bread, then your blood sugar will continue to rise day by day, You need to switch your habit and start taking brown bread.

Rice cake:

This rice cake has a GI score of 78 which is pretty high. We know that these rice cakes are one of the healthy snacks but only on one condition if your blood sugar is absolutely normal. If you are having high blood sugar, then eating a rice cake can be deadly for you.

Baked potato:

The GI score of a baked potato is 85. If you are in the phase of controlling your high blood sugar, then eating this baked potato will not give any favor to you.

Consume these low sugar foods:

Below is the list of low sugar foods which can reduce and control your blood sugar levels and also helps you to maintain a healthy rate.


Their GI score is 15,  you can have them as snacks or add them in a salad. They are quite low in terms of their sugar content and boost reproductive health, heart health at the same time.


Its GI score is 10,  this vegetable can easily repair your blood vessels which got damaged because of the high blood sugar. It is a great alternative for meat.


Its GI score is 0, eggs carry zero content of carbohydrates in them. A diabetic patient can have eggs on every single day.

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