See What Happens If You Eat Honey And Sesame Seeds For A Month

The human body is extremely unpredictable and a lot of internal changes keep occurring without our knowledge, so if we do not take steps to remain healthy, diseases can attack us anytime! Now, there are many kitchen ingredients available in our own homes, which can help prevent and treat a number of diseases. Did you know that mixing 1 tablespoon of honey with 1 tablespoon of sesame seeds and consuming this mixture every morning on an empty stomach, can help treat and prevent over 7 ailments? Have a look this video.
1. Strengthens Bones
The combination of sesame and honey contains a high amount of proteins and even some calcium, so they have the ability to strengthen your bones effectively.
2. Boosts Immunity
The rich antioxidants in this mixture can improve the functions of your immune system and help fight diseases better, thus keeping you healthy.
3. Increases Energy
This homemade mixture can also give you instant energy, as it is loaded with minerals and antioxidants, so it can also be consumed along with your pre-workout snack.
4. Reduces Cramps
Abdominal cramps that occur during menstrual periods can be very painful. This mixture of honey and sesame seeds can help reduce the inflammation of the uterine walls, thereby helping you find relief from cramps.
5. Lowers Appetite
If you are someone who is trying to lose weight, then this natural mixture can help because it gives you a sense of fullness and lowers appetite, so constant hunger pangs and the subsequent binge eating that causes weight gain can be avoided.
6. Improves Skin And Hair Texture
Since this combination of honey and sesame seeds is rich in protein and antioxidant content, it can stimulate the production of healthy skin and hair cells, thus boosting their texture.
7. Improves Brain Function
Again, due to the presences of antioxidants in this mixture, it can improve the blood flow to the brain and improve brain functions like memory and cognition.

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