6 critical money factors that destroy marriage

6 critical money factors that destroy marriage


The role of money to the success or failure of a marriage is so obvious that it can not be ignored.
Money is the major cause of divorce in marriage and that is why we need to know these 6 critical money factors that destroy marriage.
1. Bad money habit
Extravagance, stinginess, greed, etc. Are all bad money habits. Many people are extravagant in spending on themselves and outsiders but are stingy at home. This kind of habit will certainly cause a marriage to fail.
2. Independent mindedness
Many people believe that their money is independent of their marriage. They are ready to be joined to their mates if it does not involve their bank accounts. Their mindset is; I made my money and I should be able to spend it the way I want. This is the main reason money is destroying homes.
3. Irresponsibility
Some people are simply irresponsible. Many of them are making money but will never take care of themselves and the children. This is very bad. I have met a couple of men, who are graduates, they would rather stay at home, fully depending on their wives than look for something worthwhile to do.
4. Too many responsibilities
When too many mouths are depending on a meagre income, it will affect the home. Many families in Africa are suffering under this yoke.
5. Debt is bondage
It can be damaging as it makes the debtor a servant to the lender. It destroys love at home and denies the family the ability to fulfill its potentials.
6. Financial infidelity
Lack of faithfulness in financial matters in marriage is another pitfall in family success. When married people are fond of cheating on their spouses, giving secret support to their own families, stealing, lying, hiding new things bought without the knowledge of their partners, accumulating secret debts, making major purchases without informing their spouses, they are not financially intimate.
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