7 most common signs of incompatibility in relationships

7 most common signs of incompatibility in relationships


When you’re newly in love, you think your partner is perfect for you in every way, but as time goes by, you might start noticing that you don’t quite fit well together.
You can’t build a happily ever after with someone you don’t gel with even if you love them with all your heart.
If you notice any of these incompatibility signs in your relationship, it might be time to accept that what you have isn’t meant to be.
1. You have different financial values
Money is a big deal in relationships. How you and your partner handle your finances can make or break your chances of happily ever after. If one of you loves spending money while the other is a miser, that’s a sign that you’re not compatible. No matter what you do with your finances, one person will always feel cheated and unhappy.

2. You ideas of relaxation don’t align

When one person loves staying in but the other is a social butterfly who prefers spending time outside, that’s a cause for concern. You won’t be able to agree on the best way to rewind and relax, which means you’ll end up spending little time together. Even though your personalities are incompatible you don’t have to break up if you’re both willing to compromise.

3. You never see eye to eye on most subjects
I’m not saying that you both have to agree on everything, but having completely opposite outlooks on life is not a good thing. If your values, beliefs, political opinions are so different that you end up judging your partner during every conversation or arguing about every damn thing, that’s a sign that you might be incompatible.
4. Your sexual energy doesn’t match
Maybe sex is very important to you and you want to have it as often as possible but your partner would rather have sex once in a blue moon. Or, maybe you like to experiment in bed but they only like to keep things vanilla. Either way, that’s a recipe for unfulfillment, resentment, and dissatisfaction.
5. You don’t know how to process disagreements
Talk through issues in relationship even though it makes you uncomfortable. If one or both of you doesn’t know how to resolve disputes in a healthy way, it means you’re not compatible.
6. You don’t have any shared interests
Couples that don’t have any hobbies in common are usually incompatible. If you can’t spend time together doing stuff both of you enjoy, consider walking away before resentment squeezes its way in. You don’t want to feel like you’re sacrificing a part of yourself to be with your partner. If they can’t embrace your interests or vice versa, you’re not a good match for each other.
7. You don’t imagine the same future
Where do you want you to live? Are you planning on moving to a different state or country eventually? Do you want kids? Would you like to travel the world? Do you see yourself getting married? Where do you see your career in five, ten years from now? If you and your partner don’t have similar answers to these questions and plans for the future, your relationship won’t bring you the fulfillment you seek.
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