HELP! My One Of My Domestic Workers Is Trying To Seduce Me

What Should I Do? I’m In Love With My Boss At The Office


I recently employed the services of a cleaner to come to my place to wash the curtains, clean the floor tiles and handle my clothes.
Generally, she’s to oversee the general tidiness of my place. She comes twice a week. The job I do strains me a lot, so I do not have time to always clean my place as I’m always on the move.
Now this girl who’s older than me, she’s 25 has been giving off some very naughty vibes. She’s been trying to get me to touch her.
Whenever I’m at home, and she’s doing her cleaning, she walks around in skimpy clothes.
The other time, what she did was to allow the wrapper she tied around her chest to fall on the floor leaving her naked.
I saw everything as I was watching TV that day.
She hurriedly picked up the wrapper, tied it while muttering some apologies.
She is pretty, but she’s not on my level.
I don’t go around fvcking girls who work for me or fvcking girls who need my help.
There was one girl from my secondary school who was stranded one time.
She had no place to stay. She called, and I told her to come over to FESTAC to stay with me.
She stayed for 3weeks with me. I didn’t touch her or make any moves to do so even though she made moves to have sex with me numerous times during her stay with me.
What I told her was that if the both of us were gonna have sex then she’ll have to leave my place then come back, so I’d be sure she came for an entirely different purpose.
I don’t like taking advantage of women in vulnerable positions
This is what my cleaner is yet to understand.She has seen that I’m young, well-to-do and living alone that’s why she’s seducing me.
She doesn’t know my pe.nis doesn’t get hot for just any type of woman, it only gets hot for women who I have no working relationship with or who I’m not directly responsible for.
Do You Think I Did The Right Thing?
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