Naomi Noinyane Shares Some No Make-up Photos Of Herself



Naomi Noinyane has shared some no make-up photos of herself on social media.

The renowned actress who is also a media personality shared these lovely and stunning photos on her verified social media handle on Instagram.

The post she made reads;

1. Meet Naomi without makeup and long hair (…this is for you baby)
2. I can finally cornrow my hair 4months after having it all cut off
3. I can’t believe I’m turning 30 soon, it doesn’t make sense! #RoadTo30
4. I’m going to be a millionaire soon.”

Days ago, she shared a photo of her mother’s grave on social media.

The actress lost her mother in 2012, however, she still lives in her heart as she paid a visit to her grave nine years after she died.

She shared the photo on her Instagram stories with the inscription;

“We finally did it
So grateful, fulfilled,
filled of love but more than anything at peace…
Mommy, we love and miss you!”

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