NL ALBUM REVIEW!! Excellent, Average or Whack – What Do You Think About Teni’s Debut Album “Wondaland”?

NL ALBUM REVIEW!! Excellent, Average or Whack – What Do You Think About Teni’s Debut Album “Wondaland”?


Dr. Dolor Entertainment’s finest act, Teni will be looking forward to becoming the most relevant female artiste this year as she releases her debut album, “Wondaland“.
At the release of the album, I knew I needed a comfortable time and space to listen to this body of work because this is an album everyone has been anticipating for a very long time.
All through last night till this morning, the album has been on repeat on my playlist and I can’t help but give a verdict on the album.
The album which was released March 19 had Teni address issues of Sex, Self-Appraisal and Love.
Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the “Wondaland Of Teni” – a 17-track-album with no collaboration except Davido.
Grab your popcorn and let’s ride on this Wondaland together.
1. Maja
A sweet rendition of how uneasy it is for a female artiste to make a big break into the music industry. As the title implies, “Maja” (Yoruba term for I will break it) Teni broke into the industry indeed.
The Yoruba-Ondo accent Eulogy of Teniola on this opening track sets us in a pretty good mood for what is about to come.
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2. For You
The only collaboration on the album and it’s all worth it. With the theme of the song, Teni got right with Davido on this track. Sweet!!
The idea of using this track as the next after the opening track is to capture the attention of listeners early on the album and for the anticipation of more good sounds.
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3. Moslado
This particular song is a whole vibe!! The Ozedikus produced song got Teni flowing smoothly with “Faaji” inclined lyrics that will get you moving body no matter how hardened your heart is.
If I hear say, you no go dance!
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4. Game Over
Moving on to “Game Over“, this a relaxing track with a mid-tempo vibe.
An average track at best not good enough as expected or maybe the placement is just wrong.
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5. Hustle
The album continues on a mid-tempo vibe with “Hustle“, a track where Teni bears it all on the deep side of her life as a star.
You’d get to relate to the pressure and high expectations she faces everyday as a successful artiste. Very relatable good track.
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6. FBI
This particular track is more like a part 2 of what Teni did with her song “Case“, just that it’s not about MC Oluomo this time around.
“Case” was a better track by far tho!
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7. Toxic
Teni showed off her versatility on this track, the beat sounds like a foreign pop-trap beat and she killed it outrightly.
The placement of this track on the album is not good enough as I expect this track to be a follow-up to the opening track.
International collaboration on this track wouldn’t be a bad idea after all.
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8. Injure Me
Back to the real Teni vibe we all like to hear. “Injure Me” is another massively dope track on Teni‘s “Wondaland” album.
The tempo is high, the lyrics and flows are so sick, this is no doubt another club banger from Teni.
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9. 100 Meters
This one sounds more like Teni in the studio freestyling and enjoying herself doing what she likes to do best.
The 4minutes 45seconds shouldn’t have been on the album or she could have spiced it up with collaboration.
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10. Were
“Were” sitting comfortably on track 10 of the album is a soul-lifting prayerful song.
This song will set you in a prayer mood and will motivate you not to give up on what you’re doing because God will soon do it for you easily.
A little piece of advice, wake up every morning and listen to this song. Thank me later!
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11. ON
Started off like an Indian Movie soundtrack and metamorphosed into a proper Afro-pop jam. Not bad!!
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12. Wonda Why
It’s more like Pheelz who produced this song decided to test Teni with Fireboy’s type of beat and she killed it.
“Wonda Why” is a beautiful love song you will want to have on your playlist. It will surely send some soothing signals down your spine.
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13. Okocha
This is another party jam on the album. This song is so lit. Indeed, Teni balled on this beat like “Okocha“.
If what you like is the dancehall aspect of Teni, then this song is for you.
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14. JO
“Jo” was released in November 2020 and it’s not out of place for the song to make this album.
Of course, everyone loves this jam.
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15. Dads Song
As the title implies, Teni dedicated this song to her late Dad who died in 1995 when she was way younger.
The song is so touching and you could tell how much Teni loves her dad with the passion she put into delivering the song.
One question that comes to mind is that, why would you dedicate a song to your late dad on your debut album and you place the song almost at the end of the album?
It makes no sense if you ask me but dare to be different.
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16. XXXL
This song is a message for those who will stop at nothing to criticize Teni‘s extra-large body size.
With this song, Teni is welcoming you all to her Tripple-X life which is a happy life because at the end of the day it’s not about your body size it’s about what you have inside.
And of course, Teni got substance!!
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17. Black Bonus Track
Dedicated to promoting black freedom, “Black Bonus Track” ended Teni‘s “Wondaland” album.
Racism is one of the major menaces in the world right now and it’s all good Teni represented Africa and black excellence on her album.
More songs like this can earn her a Grammy.
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This album is a reflection of how versatile and talented Teni can be as she experimented with a different vibe to produce many content-filled songs.
Teni had a score of dancehall tracks and a mid-tempo afro-beat vibe on this album but the improper arrangement of the tracks might result in music lovers not feeling the album the way it should be felt.
However, tracks like “Game Over” and “FBI” sound like a regular studio freestyle, those songs shouldn’t have made the album or better still collaborations can be used to spice it up.
Apart from those two tracks, other tracks are individually good and meaningful. Hopefully, in her next album, her team will take the technical arrangement of the songs more seriously to achieve a better result.
Congratulations to Teni on her debut album, it’s certain Nigerian music lovers are going to have a jolly good ride in the “Wondaland” of Teni.
We rate the album, 6.5/10
Guys, share your thoughts on the album
Excellent, Average or Wack – What Do You Think About Teni’s Debut Album “Wondaland”?

What’s Your Favourite Track On The Album?
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