Sibulelo Manamatela Shares Her Thoughts About Breastfeeding



Sibulelo Manamatela has taken to social media to share her thoughts about breastfeeding.

The renowned lifestyle blogger spoke about this in her recent social media post on the popular social media platform, Instagram.

The post she made reads;

“Still one of my favourite pictures.

Question (very personal one): how long did it take for your cycle to return after childbirth?

One of my favourite things about my #breastfeedingjourney is that it keeps my period away. First time around it came back 10 months after Kukhanya was born. This time around it’s been a whole year and it’s still not back- I’m ecstatic about that.

But it is something I didn’t know was possible before I had kids so you can imagine how much I panicked; thinking there was something wrong with me.
Honestly, I can’t believe how many things new moms have to figure out!

Keep your eyes on @tommeetippeeza’s page this week. They’re doing something really special and so important. #thebooblife“

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