What Should I Do? My Girlfriend Swiped My Savings Of 100K

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Hello fellow readers, how have you been and how are you enjoying the weather.
So there is a reader here that seems to need your urgent input on something his girlfriend did.
He sent in a mail saying:
So sad am still pained about it, so human is extremely wicked.
We meet on Facebook 2019 I never knew she could be these brutal I could have not let her know about the saving earlier.
This is how it happened last week she called and asked me for money, I told her I don’t have currently the money I have is a joint hand money that means the money on me is for my friend and I.
I am planning for my marriage with her in December, she said OK, not until Saturday morning when she came to my apartment looking cool and gentle in her native attire smiling like a smiling goddess I was amazed about her looks we gisted and laugh also plan the marriage.
About 2 pm she said she is hungry and decided to cook for us, she did as she said, but unfortunately, she drugged my food penning down a note that am a ‘fool’.
I feel so stupid and shameful then my phone beeped I checked it, it was a debit alert of  55k then I check again and saw another 45k.
I was shocked I checked for my atm I did not see it at that time my eyes became open, and I did not know when tears started drooping.
I have worked so hard to save this money, and she just thinks she has the right to spend my hard-earned money like that?
Her number has been switched off, and I do not know how to reach her.
What Should I Do?
I will be in the comment section.
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